Bringing Leadership, Creativity, and Analysis to Every Project, Creating Massive Business Development and Long-Term Growth Possibilities

A recognized leader in public relations and marketing through the use of both traditional methods and emerging media, Christopher is a true jack-of-all-trades. Author, marketing / public relations professional, photographer, dancer, and musician, Christopher spent over a decade working as a highly-successful attorney before realizing the aspects of his work that he most preferred were those related to marketing, writing, public relations, and business development. As such, he took the plunge, turning his passion into his profession.

Not content with “good enough” solutions, Christopher has a habit for mastering any endeavor he undertakes. Through his experience with marketing and public relations, he has taken numerous companies in various industries from unknown to well-respected while adding significantly to their bottom lines. In one instance he nurtured a law firm from start-up into profitability in less than 2 years, consistently quadrupling its revenues year after year. In another, he grew a retail musical instrument store by an average of 25% consistently throughout his tenure, helping to take their brand state wide. Trusted by clients and colleagues alike, Christopher is adept at generating business through web development, personal appearances, public speaking, event planning, social media, blogging, and other vectors.

As a writer, Christopher has authored hundreds of articles on a variety of topics including technology, law, internet marketing and SEO, dance, art, and professional services, and is in the process of writing his first book. As a trumpet player he performed both in ensembles and as a soloist throughout his academic career and beyond, even winning the 1997 International Trumpet Guild Conference Scholarship. As a dancer, he quickly rose to semi-professional status as a swing dancer, dancing at various venues throughout Central Florida and even in a television commercial, then later returned to the field to teach all forms of ballroom dancing through the internationally recognized Arthur Murray Dance Studios. As a web designer, Christopher  has created dozens of sites, including portfolios, eCommerce, advertising pages, blogs, and many others. And, as an artist and photographer, Christopher has worked with some of the biggest names in the modeling industry, produced pieces that were used for print advertising, shot modeling portfolios, and continues to expand his knowledge and experience, recently moving into life casting and body painting.

Fearless and confident throughout his career, Christopher has been a visionary leader and pioneer in multiple fields. He has routinely taken responsibility for leading peers and others, directing work flows, training others, and creating innovative solutions to meet client and organizational needs. He helped develop a proprietary case management software to facilitate both internal paperless office practices and client interaction. He designed a mobile application for a law firm’s marketing and client development at a time when other firms had not yet moved into the mobile marketing sector. He creatively cross-marketed multiple clients through collaborative campaigns and events that reduced overall expense and enhanced exposure to new audiences. He explored the fascinating and ever-changing world of guerilla marketing through events like flash mobs, strategic use of charitable events, and others. And, as the public face and voice of several client companies, Christopher personally developed millions of dollars in business revenues through his own face-to-face interactions and public appearances.

With a juris doctorate degree from the Stetson University College of Law, a school routinely rated as the premiere trial advocacy law school in the United States, Christopher was well-trained in the ways of analytical thinking and persuasive speaking and writing.